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Part of our mission is to build a strong technology and social entrepreneurship community. We host events, meetups, workshops and generate content - all to grow and support the social enterprise community.

We know that startups can’t achieve their ambitious goals entirely on their own. At Transist, we run a series of initiatives strengthen the startup ecosystem and help our entrepreneurs thrive.

These are just some of the ways we support the entrepreneur community and grow the startup ecosystem.

ECSEL: Global support for China’s social entrepreneurs

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The ECSEL Incubation Program provides mentorship, training, and investment to China’s most promising social enterprises. Each year, we select a cohort of 30 ECSEL fellows, and provide them with fully subsidized training trips in the United States and China, intensive professional support, and a lasting community of peers.

Past years training included programming run in coordination with Idealab, The Hauser Center at Harvard University, The Hub Bay Area, Village Capital, and Yale Entrepreneurial Institute. Since its launch in 2009, ECSEL has grown to become one of the most competitive entrepreneurship fellowships in China, attracting thousands of applicants each year.


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With the joint efforts of our community partners, we have been creating, educating, and growing the community for future social innovation leaders. We co-hosted workshops with OpenIDEO to inspire people to tackle pressing social challenges through creative business solutions. We attended or co-organized conferences and forums to promote the philosophy of impact investing and share the stories of social enterprises. Through cross-sector collaborations, we provided resources and support to social enterprises in need, including rewarding programs such as Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Program, coaching services and network sharing.

Youth Expedition: Equipping Chinese Youth with Innovation Tools and Experience

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The Youth Social Innovation Expedition is a full immersion experience designed for college students and recent graduates to apply innovative thinking and methodology to exploring and solving social issues on a month-long journey across China. Mentors from the world-class innovation design company, frog, work individually with each team. They help teams apply frog’s unique methodology to integrate strategy, research and technology to continuously reach breakthroughs in the design process, using frog’s Collective Action Toolkit to facilitate teamwork and drive change.

Techyizu: Supporting and Connecting the Shanghai Startup Community

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We’re a cofounder of Techyizu, a Shanghai-based volunteer-driven organization and staunch supporter of the China startup and tech community. We partner to organize community events such as BarCamp Shanghai and Demo Day for anyone with a passion for technology, entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

Some organizations we have collaborated with

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